Our Nut House Candle of the Month

Product Description


Cotton Candy is one of our favorite new creations!


“I am in love with my Monomoy Rose candle. Candle smells amazing and burns beautifully!” 

Saraphina C.

Regarding our Mandarin Cran candle:

“What a wonderful scent—this mandarin cranberry candle is certainly well named. It just smells so delicious and fragrant! Nut House Candle Co. has such a wonderful selection of candles and amazing scents!”

Karen & Leo D.

Regarding our Seaside Cottage candle:

“Like spending time at the beach without the sand and heat! A really delightful scent.”

Susan G.

Regarding our Orangeberry candle:  

“I LOVE this scent because it's not strong and the candle can be lit for hours”!

Rose Mary

“Oh my God, I love your candles! The house smells so good”! 

Daniel P.

The Coconutty Chamomile is my favorite, it’s perfect!

Koryssa M.

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