About Us

In our Nut House lives two squirrel-brained candle makers, Momma Squirrel and Little Squirrel. The logo is a representation of Momma and Little Squirrel's love of candles and their close bond together as Mother and Daughter. One day those 2 squirrels had a conversation about making candles for a fun, new hobby. But guess what? A company name was born on April 15th, 2020 and here we are today. We hope you enjoy our candles and all the smiles, laughs and love put into them!
From Our Nut House To Yours,
Momma Squirrel & Little Squirrel
We Make All-Natural, Hand Poured Soy Candles in our Nut House on Cape Cod!
Our main priority is the scent and ensuring that our customers are getting exactly what they paid for--a candle that burns evenly with the smell being as aromatic as the candle was described.
They are made with tons of love and heart behind it--that is a Nut House promise!