Scent Options

Here are some descriptions of our most popular spring/summer scents, so that you can get a feel for what they smell like. If you are interested in placing an order and would like to get samples of some of our scents, please contact us via email or phone.

Again, if you do not see your preferred scent(s), please contact us, as we have other scents on hand and can specially order a scent if we do not currently have it.

Seaside Cottage:

This fragrance is a smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. Smells terrific and reminiscent of being on the seaside with that hint of a floral, salty breeze. This scent has an appeal for those who like the spa scents. Our #1 Best-Seller!


Beach Day:

Sun, surf and salty air all blended together to give you this beautiful scent reminiscent of being at the beach. This scent won’t let you down!


Blueberry Bliss:

The aromatic scent comes from a wild blueberry fragrance oil. It is perfect for any room, any time of year.


Blueberry Lemonade:

It’s exactly what it sounds like - the strong scent of lemon with some subtle undertones of blueberry! Simply scrumptious for summer time!



Take a walk down the boardwalk with this salty and citrusy blend that combines perfectly with vanilla, cedar wood, white musk and sandalwood. An original Nut House blend!


Cactus Flower & Jade:

Cactus Flower and Jade is a bright and lively fragrance. Sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals. Not overly floral, but just right, with a little tone of earthiness to it. Reminiscent of being at a spa retreat. 



 A juicy citrus blend that is perfect for summer time!


Coconut Lime:

The ultimate summer refresher - zesty lime and creamy coconut make this classic scent irresistible. Just the right amount of each fragrance.  This candle smells so good that it is becoming one of our favorites. 


Lemon Poppyseed:

Scrumptious!! This smells even better than homemade lemon poppyseed bread. This one will keep you coming back for more with the subtle lemony poppyseed scent. A Nut House favorite! Did I mention scrumptious?? Yum!!



A freshly bloomed lilac bush makes this a great seasonal and popular scent!


Morning Dew:

That very first smell of fresh air when you step outside on a bright and sunny summer morning! Delight in the aroma of the great outdoors with hints of dandelion, soft heliotrope, refreshing verbena and fresh air. This is a beautifully blended scent and not one to miss out on.


Rosa Rugosa:

Also known as the "beach rose", this is a blend of mandarin and wildflower honey with middle notes of lily and rose, to create a beautiful, airy & floral rose fragrance. Smells so good!


Sandalwood, Tonka & Oud:

Two unique fragrance oils combined to give you a mild, relaxing, masculine scent. Sandalwood and Tonka & Oud both have woody top notes, combined with the very slightest of musky scents (not overbearing at all for those with sensitivities), and earthy undertones.  This is sure to please the men, and women alike, as it has a very intriguing aroma that will have you coming back for more.


Seaside Breeze:

Get whisked away to the coast with this fresh, clean and well-rounded scent. This scent pairs salty ozone notes with the aroma of fresh citrus. Base notes of wood, violet, musk and cotton bring out the aquatic notes. Light and breezy!


Sun Shower:

Clean and crisp! A very refreshing scent with hints of apple, kiwi, and violets. This is a lighter scent for those with sensitivities.  This will definitely remind you of that feeling of the sun shining down on you!